Upright, Trailing & Hardy Fuchsias

We have a fantastic selection of upright, trailing and hardy varieties with a range of single, semi double, double and large double flowers. Our fuchsias are available from the nursery from March onwards.

Bush Varieties

We have a selection of traditional upright, bush fuchsias that provide a great show of flowers all summer long, including:

Carmel Blue, White/Blue
Royal Velvet, Crimson/Deep Violet

Trailing Varieties

Our range of trailing fuchsias are ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes and patio planters. They provide a stunning cascading performance all summer long; you will not be disappointed! Our selection includes:

Dancing Flame, Pale Orange/Carmine
Frosted Flame, Dark Red Flame/Frosted Pink
Pink Marshmallow, Pale Pink/White
Red Spider, Deep Crimson
Swingtime, White/Red Veined
Voodoo, Violet Blue/Fiery Red

Triphilla Varieties

These are a unique range of tubular-flowering fuchsias:

Firecracker, Coral Scarlet
Insulinde, Neon Orange
Thalia, Bright Orange

Hardy Varieties

We have a comprehensive range of true hardy fuchsia varieties. Once acclimatised, these fuchsias will give good garden performance year after year. Our selection includes:

Dollar Princess, Cerise/Purple
Garden News, Pink / Magenta

Jollies Varieties

This is a very uniform range of upright and very early flowering fuchsias. Jollies are robust, branch out perfectly and easy to look after! Our selection includes:

Force Dijon, Rose/Purple
Lyon, Red/White
Menton, Scarlet/White

Fuchsia List 2018

Click here to download our complete Fuchsia List for 2018 (.pdf).